About Webeeze

We're a community of designers and techs fueling an online website building marketplace with one mission: to simplify the process of building websites for individuals and businesses without all of the red tape.

Through our creative brief process, we marry your request to top website building talent. From there, we handle everything else...the design, build, hosting and analytics - just to name a few. You answers a few questions, we produce and outstanding website for you.

How It All Started...

First, we talked with people. All kinds. People from start-ups to small businesses...even large global organizations. We consulted with businesses in different industries about how they go about approaching their presence on the web.  

What we found was amazing.

The DIY Website Builder

With so many options available today to build your own website, trying to figure out which one to use is half the battle. For most people without coding experience, customizing a theme to look different can not only be frustrating but an added expense as well. Go with a free theme or even a premium one, you run the risk of looking like someone else. In an age where brand identify on the web is critical, having a website that looks similar to another with a few variances isn't exactly differentiating. 
We don't think your business should be represented by a template. It should be as original as you are. 


The Large Service Provider
Some businesses we talked to use website services provided by large search engine companies or their partners. They seemed comfortable paying $250+ a month for a sub-standard website and were locked into a multi-year contract.  When questioned why, many of them simply replied, "I don't have enough time, it's better if someone else handles it".
What we learned is that people want to focus one what they do best: their business. They want to be able to dedicate as much time as possible to running their business without interruption. However, with these large service providers, their website often gets put into a mill and they quickly loses the personal attention required to run, update and maintain a positive presence on the web.
We think your website is a reflection of you and your business and therefore deserves more attention than a monthly bill.